Sunday, 10 November 2019

Remember 2019

I have been adopted, thank you so much :)

On this Remembrance day, I'd like to introduce you to, Remember 2019.   He is a sweet traditional style bear made from a beige sparse mohair, I wanted him to have a bit of a worn look.

Remember measures just 6" approximately, he has black matt glass eyes, a needle felted nose which is toned to his colour, wool felt paw pads and footpads and is fully cotter pin jointed.   He has a slight wobble neck joint and hand stitched claws on both his hands and feet.  He has some steel pellets in his tummy so is a nice weight.

He wears his poppy with pride.  He also comes with his little book of poetry.   25% of his adoption fee will be donated to the Royal British Legion,  a receipt will be sent with him, and I will also pay for his postage costs.

As with all my creations, Remember is not suitable for anyone under the age of 14 due to the way he is made :)

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Hello Everyone  My apologies for being so quiet on the page, unfortunately, much as I'd love to tell you I've had a blast of a summer having fun, my dad has been really poorly, spending some time in hospital, so I haven't been able to create much over the last couple of months  He is back at home now but I have found it hard to do much, worry does nothing for the creative motivation. I missed the ebearshow and am behind on absolutely everything. School starts again tomorrow and I'm determined to get motivated again, I have some finished which I played with in fits and starts, they were originally for the show, and then there's my favourite time of year coming too, let's hope it brings a nice sprinkling of 'Get to Work Clare' dust lol xx I know I have some messages to reply to, I will do over the coming days  xx Thank you for 'bearing' with me  xx Big hugs to all  xx

Saturday, 4 May 2019

I've seen fairies in the garden - they were hiding today as it's so cold and wet (bank holiday!  typical!!  lol!!) but I managed to take quick photos of this one earlier, secretly of course ;) xx

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Hi Everyone :) xx I FINALLY managed to add all my listings to the - most sold already lucky little bears but there are some bargains still available as I need the room to fill up with more creations, and all are post FREE!!  Please do stop by for a look if you can :) xx  Huge Hugs x

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Hi Everyone  :)  xx Just a quickie to let you all know I am taking part in the ebearshow this weekend ( BUT as usual for me, I'm not quite finished, so I will be adding my bears on SATURDAY - aside from the ones I've been making especially for then, I have some cute show special offers for bears who are fed up with living with me now and want to find their forever homes at special adoption prices, so do keep a look out  xx As soon as I can I will let you know, thank you for 'bearing' with me, BIG hugs to you all  xx   xx

Saturday, 9 February 2019

With Valentine's Day nearly upon us again, the bears and I send you lots of love, hugs, and holding hands ;) xx  hehe xx

Incidentally, these bears are currently on my bearpile page looking for homes - link is : 

Here they are from the front :) xx 

Huge Hugs to you all <3 :) xx 

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Hello Everyone :) xx  I've just finished this fun little bear, he's a great Harry Potter fan and had me making him house robes and a scarf lol!!  His details can be found on Bearpile, here is the link for more photos too :) xx

Remember 2019

I have been adopted, thank you so much :) On this Remembrance day, I'd like to introduce you to, Remember 2019.   He is a sweet tradi...