Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Hello Everyone  My apologies for being so quiet on the page, unfortunately, much as I'd love to tell you I've had a blast of a summer having fun, my dad has been really poorly, spending some time in hospital, so I haven't been able to create much over the last couple of months  He is back at home now but I have found it hard to do much, worry does nothing for the creative motivation. I missed the ebearshow and am behind on absolutely everything. School starts again tomorrow and I'm determined to get motivated again, I have some finished which I played with in fits and starts, they were originally for the show, and then there's my favourite time of year coming too, let's hope it brings a nice sprinkling of 'Get to Work Clare' dust lol xx I know I have some messages to reply to, I will do over the coming days  xx Thank you for 'bearing' with me  xx Big hugs to all  xx

Remember 2019

I have been adopted, thank you so much :) On this Remembrance day, I'd like to introduce you to, Remember 2019.   He is a sweet tradi...